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Selling in the Home Improvement Industry

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handshake black and greenGrant’s is the preeminent cross culture sales coach and has the acclaimed expertise in buying and selling psychology in the cross culture sales environment combine with his lifelong success and experience on the ‘Streets of Direct to Consumer  Sales’ to provide the proven content of his inspiring presentations.

Grant has a gift for presenting ideas in an interactive and immerse manner that inspires and motivates direct sales professionals like no other can. Using facts, examples, stories and humor Grant professionally entertains as he teaches your sales force to strive for success.

Grant’s training seminars are infamous for providing real-life scenarios, contagious motivation and escalating the bottom line for privately held and major corporations and individual sales professionals alike.

Grants established ability to reach an audience parallels his amazing cross culture sales-closing skills making him a preeminent first-class choice for any Direct to Consumer Sales seminar or meeting.Book Grant Winstead today and realize the sales success you’ve only dreamed of.

Book  Grant’s exclusive training program The Success Sales System That Never Fails TM that
will guarantee a sustained close-rate improvements and reduced order cancellations.

To learn more about Grants programs for yourself or your team, contact Grant at grant@grantwinstead.com today!

Grant Winstead wants  to show you how your sales can improve immediately with the researched-based and proven selling system that brought the industry enormous success !