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 The Winstead Approach To Team Learning

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We at Grant Winstead and Associates will work with you and your team to create the program that fits your needs. Whether for one day or for one year.

    • Half Day Seminars & Training: Approximately 3 hours in length.
    • Full Day Seminars & Training: Approximately 6 hours in length.

Grant is available for private, corporate events. We understand that each company is different, therefore we ask that you simply contact us to prepare a customized solution that fits your needs.

The following training and coaching services are provided:

On-site of the “Success Sales System That Never Fails.”

  • Sales Training and Consultation
  • Sales Seminars
  • Lead Generation, Setting, Management
  • Selling to the dollar Training
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Customized Presentation Books Development
  • Keynote Speaking
  • Private Workshops
  • Sale Team Boot Camps
  • Canvass and Telemarketing Training
  • Ride Alongs

Grant also regularly offers his highly praised “Success Sales System That Never Fails” seminars to the general public affording everyone the opportunity to achieve phenomenal new sales success.These seminars are filled with information that Grant has gleaned from over 30 years as a sales professional.  Grant and his team will offer you and your organization the same proven sales tactics and techniques that he used in his successful sales career as a multimillion  professional in –home closer & manager and owner. He simply teaches how to raise your closing rate and put more profits in your pocket. Grants’ presentation of his “Success Sales System That Never Fails” has helped so many to learn the success of selling, in home.

innovationNow it’s your opportunity to learn the secrets that landed Grant at the top of his field and a well sought out speaker in the Home Improvement Industry/Remodeling Industry. You will be able to hear from  “The Human Selling Machine” himself the Success Sales System That Never Fails. You will be able to relate to the honest truth about Grant’s in-home selling and company owner experience and his sense of humor will have you laughing to your next sales appointment, and best of all, closing your next deal. Most assuredly he will welcome you to the multi-millions dollars producers club!


Specialties: Sales Training to the Trainer and Keynote & Motivational Speaking to the Remodeling Industry.

Available Topics to meet your company and fully customize:
Closing More Sales At higher Margins /Building A Better Attitude /Non-Confrontational Selling /Psychology Of Closing/ Setting and Meeting Realistic Goals /Selling The Differences/The Best Close is Masterful Presentation /How Enthusiasm Sells/ Handling Objections /Trial Closing /Finance Closing /Post Closing/How to Act and Think like an Expert

You will discover a speaker who can deliver. Seminars are held in different locations through the United States at various times of the year. Please check Grants event and itinerary for regular updates.