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Sales and Business Coaching

To be a winning salesperson in the replacement industry, you must understand how this world operates!
It is a world unto itself.


A contractor who specializes in limited product lines such as roofing, siding and windows or interior alteration such as bath liners, walk-in tubs or cabinet refacing must operate differently that a design/build or remodel contractor.  These differences include:

1. Typically they spend four times as much on marketing.

2. They sell and complete many more jobs in a year than design/build remodelers.

3. The jobs are smaller, averaging anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000.

4. They depend on clockwork execution. A roof or a house full of windows can be replaced in a day by a well-organized replacement contractor.

5. The time from contract signing to final check collection might be as little as five or six weeks.

Life Lesson Learned:
To operate this short-cycle business model successfully, replacement contractors have to sell a lot of jobs and complete them quickly. They do that by being proficient…


If you are selling to a homeowner or training your sales team how to increase profits for your organization.   You can contact Grant at info@grantwinstead.com or call him on his direct line at 703.459.3855.