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This is your opportunity

Book_CoverThis is your opportunity to build your business and profits by starting with you and  your people.

Set yourself apart from your competition close more deals and make every job more profitable.

No sales training program in the home improvement industry is complete without this powerful tool-The  Window of Opportunity –The Success Sales System That Never FailsTM  – a step-by-step road map to selling success. It explains the demographics of the selling environment and the steps you need to take to be successful.  It sets out the ten steps that have proven so effective for Grant Winstead and the many salesmen he’s trained and managed. It also explains how to develop a referral list, how to meet objections, how to identify the weaknesses in your presentation and how to eliminate them; how to train for continued growth. It’s designed as a tool that will help owners, sales managers  even veteran sales reps make dramatic improvements in their closing percentage.

The Window of Opportunity will deliver sales!

The Window of Opportunity which has been circulated in Espanol, Chinese  and Korean and recognized as a sales help leader internationally.

“Accelerate Your  Growth” and order today!

Price: $24.95 plus shipping.